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Fair Clout: A Case Of Lines, by ahMed A. Hassan (cover designed by: Faldo)

‘Fair Clout: A Case Of Lines’ is a work of poetry and first in the Fair Clout series of titles with fifty discrete and engaging poems in between its cover for you to discover, experience and ponder upon. Each of the pieces in this title is an expression of ideas, imagery and emotions through the eye of the author. There is no intention to stimulate in the reader a consensus on the ideas, imageries and emotions expressed in the body of this work, they are only an expression and artistic representation of those phenomena for the poetry reader to share.

Though, the thematic meaning of each piece is clearly represented, the style, form and language for each piece has been particularly chosen and applied to achieve a creative and artistic effect that entirely embellishes it.

In òla, the poem titled with the Yoruba language word for the English word tomorrow, the author assumes as an artist and with words paints up an imagery of tomorrow:

An empty page

To soon emerge

To fill the bridge

At today’s edge

Of yesterday’s…’

Poetic Hearts portrays a poetry lover’s yearnings and admirations:

Open a part for me

To let my art

A niche in life,

Versed and enough,

To indulge to heart

The trace of my pen’s path…’

The poem, Never Hurt was written as a motivation for Becky, a friend’s Daughter who was born with Autism, that she can survive against all odds:

As worse as cancer

Or ill with fever

Peace is forever

Sooner or later

You will never hurt…’

Although, as it is with poetry and varying levels of individual perception, the pieces here, or their lines, in some cases have more than one possible interpretations. Whatever your interpretations, they should lie within the thematic context of each piece.

It is hoped that you find this book as an invaluable and interesting work of art and poetry.

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