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Exodus Lost’ is an amazing historical non-fiction piece that takes our eyes into the ancient civilisations of the world, showing certain peculiarities and linkages to modern day civilisations.

In ‘Exodus Lost,’ the tale of distant ancestors who came from across the Atlantic Ocean from ‘Tlillan Tlapallan’, literally meaning ‘Black Land, Red land’, as told by Aztec and Mayan chronicles is revealed in a captivating account by Steve Compton.

Steve reveals in this amazing non-fiction historical piece, for the first time, that the ‘Tlillan Tlapallan’ was an actual place; a place whose name is the literal translation of the ancient Egyptian name for Egypt, ‘Kemet Deshret’.

Exodus Lost’ is a book whose extensive research and discovery opens the door to a series of ground-breaking insights into the origins of Mexican and Western civilisations, including the archaeological confirmation of two major Bible stories.

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