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Open Communication

For most businesses and people, communication has been the major practice and process for exchanging and sharing relevant and functional information that drives the initiation of life and business opportunities. It has remained the fundamental channel for interaction on various levels of human and business life; people and businesses have continuously leveraged on all forms and media of communication to fulfil various levels of ordinary life and business place interaction. In the local and global community, there is currently a high and increasing acquisition of mobile phone lines, web domains, email and social media accounts by people and businesses seeking to accomplish communication objectives. Most unbelievably, a lot of businesses and people still lack sound understanding of how to maximise and make effective use of communication in enhancing their lives and businesses though.

There is an immeasurably great step to enhancing life and business communications and harnessing endless life and business opportunities which I have chosen to share. Although this step is immeasurably effective but it’s not definitely guaranteed; the extent to which it will yield favourable and desired outcome for any person or business will depend on the competence or expertise and effort applied.

From my experience as an Indie Writer and Management Professional connecting and networking with people and businesses off and on-line, I have realised how nearly impossible it has become to distinguish between the value of the target audience or demand and the entire population because of the diversity of life and business needs; as there is need for an individual, organisation or business to deliver offers to its target audience or demand, there is also need for the individual, organisation or business to monitor other offers existing in the entire population, and the distinction between the line of value of the target audience or demand and the line of value of the entire population becomes so thin and narrow. One can’t rely on opening relationships with one’s target audience or demand alone, there is now more reason to open relationships with the entire population; as much as u want to keep up with family, you want to keep up with friends, suppliers, partners, investors, competitors, events and much more. The key is now ‘Open Communications’.

By ‘Open Communications’, we’re talking about a communication system whose elements and boundaries are not closely defined; a communication system that is open to the target audience and at the same time to the entire population, as opposed to a ‘Closed Communication’ system whose elements and boundaries are definite and rigid. Adopting ‘Open Communications’ will dissolve the rigid lines of restriction and boundaries in communication that may have been set by a person or business based on definite life and business goals and objectives, and, simultaneously, increase bilateral accessibility beyond the much smaller domain of the target audience to the larger domain of the entire population; increased accessibility to the target audience, or demand, and the entire population will no doubt permit a person or business into much higher levels of opportunities across both domains.

Businesses and people have become successful by adopting ‘Open Communications’ in their day to day communication strategy. They move to the target audience, or demand, and the entire population with their offers at the same time, and ensure they keep listening to them all instantaneously. In the content publishing industry, the EPub eBook format is increasingly being adopted by self-publishing solution providers because it permits accessibility across a wider range of eReading audience and eReader population.

I have adopted ‘Open Communications’ in my personal and business strategy and it’s been greatly rewarding, especially in business social relationships. You can increase your life and business opportunities too by adopting the ‘Open Communications’ system.

I’m ‘Open’ to ‘Communications’. Feel free to connect with me to share life and business opportunities.

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Indie Writer and Management Professional;


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