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Generating income is nothing new. Craftsmen, merchants and businesses generate income from their daily operations by creating an offer or a stream of offers.


Offers are value holding packages that are prepared for target demand or entire public under specific price value and offer terms, and will be delivered or provided to demand upon request. Offers generally fall within common societal needs; a technical or professional service, a product, commodity or business. I know you’ve probably being selling your own offers, or you’re yet to delve into selling anything at all. Here, I’ll introduce you, if you’ve previously been selling offers or you’re just having a plan to start selling your own offer, to an alternative way to sell your offer and guide you, in simple easy-to-follow steps, on how to maximise and leverage on this alternative for remarkable sale performance.


Fiverr is an online marketplace. It is currently the world’s largest online marketplace for the sale and exchange of $5 services. Millions of people and business are currently offering $5 services for sale, and millions are also picking up $5 offers daily, on this digital marketplace. The current trend in digital communication technology and the increasing application of digital communication technology solution to communication and connectivity among people and businesses around the globe is anticipated to increase the population embracing online marketplaces such as Fiverr.

In selling your offer and generating remarkable income for yourself or your business using the Fiverr online marketplace, follow these simple steps:

#1- Set Up A Workstation:

For online work, the first and most important equipment to introduce to your workstation will be a computer system or other computing device that will allow you to access the online space. You will also need an internet connecting device that will provide your internet signal or service, if you currently have none. Find a convenient space and working surface, free from disturbances or distractions, to locate and set up your workstation. Provide a work chair that seats a moderate distance below the working surface and that will permit a good sitting body position. Place your computer system or computing device in a suitable position around the working surface where you can easily reach it to work on it and set up your internet connection to work with your computer system or computing device. You will also need the computer system, or computing device, to create and work on text or other types of documents throughout your Fiverr experience.

#2- Create And Personalise Your Fiverr Account:

Once you set up a workstation, you’ll need to access the Fiverr online marketplace to create and personalise your own Fiverr account. Your Fiverr account will be used throughout your selling and exchanging experience on the Fiverr online marketplace. Creating an account in the Fiverr online marketplace is easy; you’ll fill out a user registration form, personalise your account details and settings, submit and your account is set for use in the marketplace. Ensure you read the Fiverr terms and conditions of service before you proceed, or find time later to read it before you start setting up and selling offers.

#3- Set Up Your Offers On Fiverr- Fiverr Gigs:

Having your own Fiverr account, you will be able to set up your offers (or ‘Gigs’ as it is popularly referred to on Fiverr) and list them in the Fiverr online marketplace. To set up your offer or ‘Gig’, you will click on the ‘create Gig’ link that you will find in your Fiverr account user interface, fill out your offer details in the ‘create Gig’ form and submit to have your offer or ‘Gig’ listed up. Your offer or ‘Gig’ will take some time to be listed in the Fiverr marketplace; it’ll be reviewed by the Fiverr team and will be listed after getting approved under the Fiverr terms and conditions. You will be able to set up as many offers or ‘Gigs’ as you like on Fiverr. Your offers will always be in units of $5. The more competent you are at creating offer ideas and units, the more your offers will be attractive and perceived as adequate for the $5 value. Remember, Fiverr is a marketplace for $5 services only. An example of what a listed offer or ‘Gig’ will look like is given below.

How a listed offer or ‘Gig’ will look like in the Fiverr online marketplace:

I will write you a short ad for $5

#4- Promote Your Fiverr Offers- Fiverr Gigs:

Setting up an offer or ‘Gig’ on Fiverr will not just generate income for you or your business. Like in every traditional business, marketing efforts are usually required to sell offers. These efforts will also be required in selling your offer or ‘Gig’ on Fiverr. As it is known, marketing usually is segmented into two broad aspects: promotion and distribution. Distribution effort is automatically provided in addition to the Fiverr service by the Fiverr resource; Fiverr will deliver your completed offer or ‘Gig’ to the buyer through their resource. The only task that will be left unattended by the Fiverr team in the marketing process for your offer or ‘Gig’ will be the promotion task. You will have to put in your own efforts to promote your offer or ‘Gig’. To promote your offer or ‘Gig’, you will need to employ a suitable medium or a number of suitable media to share your offer or ‘Gig’ link to your target demand or entire public. For best performance, it is advised that you select a number of suitable media to promote your offer or ‘Gig’ and not to rely on a particular promotion medium. Social media network, blog, website and the various traditional promotion media will be useful in promoting your offer or ‘Gig’. Note that the quality and intensity of your promotional efforts is likely to have an impact on your offer or ‘Gig’ sale outcomes.

Now, I’m so sure you are ready and excited to start generating a stream of $5 income for yourself or your business using the Fiverr resource.

I sell offers on Fiverr too, and generating income with this resource is great. Join me on Fiverr or choose any of my offers or ‘Gigs’ right away from my ‘Gig’ collections.

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You can also connect with me, to get tips or more support on using your Fiverr resource to generate income.

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