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I signed on Google+ earlier, and found there is a newly introduced feature on the resource provided by the Tech giant ‘Google Inc.’.


The new feature is called: ‘Communities‘. The feature would allow Google+ users to join, or create their own communities, where they can connect and share with other individuals on predefined community topics or areas of focus.

In one of the Google+ communities I joined- ‘Entrepreneurs, Self-Employed & Small Business’ community, a fellow community member Rob Gordon asked in his post: ‘Suppose you could invent your own ‘dream team’ for your business or venture, what kind of people would be on your ideal team?’. ‘What is your dream team?’.

I liked the topic Rob Gordon chose for the discussion so much- maybe due to the fact that it falls within my area of expertise, or maybe due to my passion for quality Organizations and Teams.

For whatever reasons it may be, I joined the discussion and replied with an overview of what my ‘dream team’ will look like. I decided to share it here too:

‘My ‘dream team’ for any business should include:

Innovative and Social Entrepreneurs- I will find an entrepreneur most suitable to be a co-founder for any business, but it is not enough to be an entrepreneur. It has come to the knowledge of the world and the business industry that ‘innovation’ and ‘social performance’ goes a long way in determining the performance of businesses and organizations, even people (in careers). An entrepreneur having great ideas is not enough for my kind of team, the best fit will be an entrepreneur having a great deal of ‘innovative’ and ‘social’ skills. The ‘innovative’ skill will be useful in adapting business and business offers to change with speed and effectiveness, and the ‘social’ skill will be useful in building and maintaining quality relationships for the business. Entrepreneurs with a few years of real business world experience will be most preferable.

Business Management Professionals- Management is usually required for business establishment and performance. Poor management in the presence of good ideas and vast resources is a disaster. Very sound Business Management Professionals, with skills in diverse areas of Management and Industry, are the ones I’ll bring unto the team.

Web and IT Specialists/Developers- Recent development in technology has driven the trend in business towards various technology applications. Integration of technology to business operations has greatly improved performance too. A Web and IT Specialist/Developer will be highly needed for business related operation support.

Industry Experts and Professionals- There are peculiarities and characteristics specific to every industry. Depending on the kind of business I choose to build a team for, I’ll source for Industry Experts and Professionals that can be a part of the business team.

Positive Local People- The community is where human resources and markets are sourced from. Quality people are the most desirable, so I’ll source for ‘Positive’ individuals to connect, and share opportunities with.

With an appropriate mix of members from each of these groups, I’ll have my ‘Dream Team’ ready to rock.

Now this is what my own ‘dream team’ will look like. What about yours? Share it. I’ll be glad to hear, and to share with my friends in the community or other network places.

Thank you!

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