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'Fair Clout: A Case of Lines' cover art design by #Faldo

‘Fair Clout: A Case of Lines’ cover art design by #Faldo

FAIR CLOUT POETRY SERIES, @FairCloutPoetry, Poetry Publishing

Fair Clout Poetry is publishing high-edged, artistic poetry from compelling poetry writers from all around the world in an amazing poetry series collection at mid-year, annually.

In 2012, Fair Clout Poetry published poetry collections from the series creator and publisher Ahmed A. Hassan with the title ‘A Case of Lines‘. ‘A Case of Lines‘ is a collection of fifty master poetry pieces from the new and young, independent Nigerian writer Ahmed A. Hassan.

Since January 2013, submission for the Fair Clout Poetry writer selection opened to poetry writers from all around the world to help select the most compelling writer to work on the next Fair Clout Poetry series collection titled The Folk Sketches. Submission of poetry entries closed at the end of March, three months after its opening, with over twenty poetry entries from all around the world.

Fair Clout opened volunteer opportunities for the Fair Clout Poetry judge role to interesting and willing individuals from the public. Over four volunteers from all around the world were recorded. It is the policy of Fair Clout Poetry to have a minimum of 2-3 volunteer judges to preside over the poetry entries.

Judges will be selecting the three most compelling writers based on the Fair Clout Poetry writer selection policy. In the end, public polls, judges’ and publisher’s discretion will help choose one most compelling writer for the next poetry collection title.



AHMED A. HASSAN, @Ceopensage, independent writer and manager

Ahmed is an independent writer, manager, entrepreneur, and social enthusiast.

He is the creator of the Fair Clout Poetry Series and self-published author of the Fair Clout Poetry collection ‘A Case of Lines’, owns and manages Ahmed A. H. Writing and Management Enterprise; offering writing and management services, products and consulting to small, medium and large businesses and people in the local and international environment, owns the ‘AhmedPensage Blogs’; blogging on writing, tips, quotes, reviews and so much more, owns an open source Google+ Community for Life and Business Development guidance, and volunteers with countless social organisations to aid and give back to the community.


The Fair Clout Poetry team is the group of amazing people behind the Fair Clout Poetry.


ALETHEA EASON, @AletheaEason

Alethea Eason is a freelance writer, editor, teacher and author of the young adult fiction book The Heron’s Path. She did the editing work on the first Fair Clout Poetry title- A Case of Lines, by Ahmed A. Hassan. Her mentoring and motivational skills are quite remarkable. Alethea is undoubtedly influential. She lives in Cobb, California, USA.



DEJAVU TAFARI, @Dejavu.Tafari, Fair Clout Volunteer Judge (Lead), Writer, Performance Poet, Social Change Enthusiast 

*Dejavu Tafari is an esteemed volunteer member of the Fair Clout Poetry Series writer selection team, 2013.

Dejavu is a writer/performance poet based in Cape Town and very passionate about the role of writing as a tool for social change and psychic redress. For this reason, it would be an honour to assist in picking an individual whose work exhibits the kind of insight and creativity which can inspire and ignite a spark in his/her readership.

Socrates Mbamalu

SOCRATES MBAMALU, @Linsoc, Fair Clout Volunteer Judge, Student, Writer, Poetry Lover 

*Socrates Mbamalu is an esteemed volunteer member of the Fair Clout Poetry Series writer selection team, 2013.

Socrates is a literary geek. He writes poems and short stories, but most especially poems; deeply in love with poems. One of his best poets is Christopher Okigbo; ‘his use of imagery stirs me,’ Socrates confesses. He is a student of linguistics at Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria.

Keep up with the Fair Clout Poetry activity and engage in the interactions with- the Fair Clout Poetry Writers. Editors. Readers. Partners. Supporters.– on our Google+ Community click here.


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