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Fair Clout Poetry 2013 ‘Compelling’ Writer selection finale

'Fair Clout: A Case of Lines' cover art design by #Faldo

‘Fair Clout: A Case of Lines’ (cover art design by #Faldo)

Fair Clout Poetry (@FairCloutPoetry) is publishing high-edged, artistic poetry works from compelling poetry writers from all around the world annually.

After opening this year’s Fair Clout Poetry series writer and co-creator selection exercise and receiving submissions from over 20 poetry writers from all around the world, together with the esteemed Fair Clout Poetry volunteer judges and the series publisher, the Fair Clout Poetry team successfully selected ‘3 Most Compelling’ writers on the consideration of their submissions for the Fair Clout Poetry 2013 writer selection and their poetry submissions were revealed through the Fair Clout Poetry virtual platforms to the public for public opinion and verdict that will help in the selection of the most ‘Compelling’ amongst them.

Following over 3 weeks of public exposure, we have one submission, emerging through the heat of public opinions and polls, as well as the series publisher’s discretion; and one ‘Compelling’ writer selected to co-create the Fair Clout Poetry 2013 series title- The Folk Sketches in collaboration with the series creator/publisher:

The submission

Ciphers of the Divine

All the world’s a stage, and men and women merely players…
Shakespeare worded the way of life, I practice and pursue in my prayers

A prophesied poetry in motion, drew both of us in the lead…
Two souls dwelling apart, in each other’s dire need

Put together to be drawn apart, a move quite well conceived…
But we traced each other through the yards of time, because we believed

Our tale wasn’t worded; but resonated in flow…
The germ of love stayed puerile, basking in the divine glow

A carefully carved libretto, grammatically honed to the core…
That pens down the love we live and embraces its demure

Rooted in our destinies, conspired by angels above…
It’s their decree that it must be told, to the species divest of love

That’s the command I trail, and so does my intention…
To put down in prose, the ciphers of divine intervention

The ‘Compelling’ writer

Garima Obrah (2013)

Garima Obrah (2013)

*Garima Obrah is Fair Clout Poetry 2013 ‘Compelling’ writer and series title co-creator

Garima Obrah (@GarimaObrah)

Fair Clout Poetry 2013 ‘Compelling’ Writer;

Writer, Student, Copywriter, Brand Developer

About the ‘Compelling’ writer

Garima is a journalism student with a Medical background. She started off her professional working career as a copywriter and now builds brands. She pens down her thoughts at garimaobrah.tumblr.com and continues to pursue her love for poetry. She has also written for several e-magazines and even for the Hindustan Times. With fond learning from organizations like India Today, Draft FCB+Ulka, IBN7, The Viewspaper, Purple Focus and Brandlogist, she wishes to be an acknowledged writer someday.

Keep up with the Fair Clout Poetry #activity and #poetry on #Google+ Community. Click here!


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